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This is a catch all for a very wide variety of beers using "alternative" yeasts and bacteria (mostly brettanomyces and lactobacillus, but sometimes pediococcus) to perform the fermenting. In addition to alcohol, these microorganisms can produce lactic or acetic acids and/or "funky" phenols some describe as "barnyard". Despite the daunting flavour descriptions these beers can range from very light, crisp, and refreshing, to intensely sour. In addition to modern craft brewers creating interesting beers that defy stylistic defenitions, some common classic styles that fit into this category are:
Berliner Weiss
Kreik (Cherry lambic)
Framboise (Raspberry lambic)
Gose (pronounced GO-zuh)
Gueuze (pronounced guze)
Flanders/Flemish Red
Old Brun

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