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Wheat beers, as the name suggests, are beers brewed using a large proportion of wheat in addition to malted barley. There are two general classifications of wheat beers: Hefeweizen (German origin) and Wit (Belgian origin). Hefeweizens tend to have a banana and/or clove character derived from the particular yeast strains used. They are usually cloudy from the bottle conditioning and haze from the large proportion of wheat used (up to 80%). Wits are traditionally brewed using corriander seed and orange peel and as such will have flavours of both. Modern examples from craft brewers often have other spice additions as well. Both hefeweizen and wits are refreshing beers of moderate strength. A new style of wheat beer is emerging with the craft beer scene: American/Pacific Wheat beers are highly hopped pale ales which use a large proportion of wheat to create a smooth mouthfeel. They may or may not take cues from their German and Belgian ancestors.

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